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Implicit Games shows how to avoid mistakes and identify opportunities that might otherwise be missed. It does so through the lens of game theory, a discipline that offers insight into situations of competition or cooperation – i.e., pretty much all of real life.

About Curt Monash

I spent 2 years as a public policy researcher and over 40 years (so far) around the technology industry. I was the #1 ranked stock analyst of the computer software/services industry. I’ve advised scores of companies at the CEO/founder level, from major successes (Oracle, AOL, Databricks, …) to abject failures. I’ve distilled some lessons along the way.

But before all that, I taught the Harvard math department’s first course in game theory. When the Russia-Ukraine war broke out, I dusted off my game theory skills to check if there was something I thought other folks were overlooking. (There was: See the second and fourth posts in this newsletter.)

Soon I realized: Almost all my work is influenced by game theory.

I want to share what I’ve learned.

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Game theory applied to real life


Curt Monash

I've been an analyst of, consultant to, and participant in the technology industry for over 40 years. Before that, I taught and researched game theory.